Month: March 2020

How do I plan for incapacity?

Planning for incapacity of your loved one or for yourself is an important part of the estate planning process. Fortunately, different estate planning tools are available to help estate planners prepare for incapacity if they get to a point where they cannot direct...

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Are there ways to bypass the probate process?

When a person’s estate is probated after they pass away, creditors and taxes will be paid out of the that person’s estate and then the remaining estate assets will be distributed to the heirs of the estate. This process is known as probate. It is a process that can...

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What to ask yourself about your estate plan

Many people make the mistake of doing the bare minimum when it comes to estate planning and fail to handle the details. When you are estate planning, it is important that you cover your bases and continue to review and update your plans as needed. When you are estate...

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