Month: May 2020

Understanding special needs trusts in New Jersey

New Jersey families that include a person with special needs may wonder how to preserve the person’s assets while maintaining eligibility for government assistance programs that base eligibility on income and net assets. One answer to this question that is becoming...

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When should I plan on updating my estate plan?

Though setting up a comprehensive estate plan is a good step, once that is finished the estate planner is not necessarily done. It is also important to update the estate plan from time to time and for the estate planner to know when to update their estate plan. An...

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Why are some wills challenged in probate?

A will is a foundational estate planning document that provides important information and direction to beneficiaries of a decedent’s estate. In New Jersey, a will goes to probate and usually is managed by the executor with little involvement of the court. However, if...

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