Guiding You Through Complex Elder Law Issues

Elder law includes all of the elements of traditional estate planning. Estate planning focuses on counseling clients about the transfer of assets from spouse to spouse and/or from one generation to the next. The primary objective is to balance the reduction or elimination of taxes with the need for flexibility. Elder law focuses on counseling clients about how to preserve their assets for as long as possible so they can live out their years comfortably and with dignity and hopefully leave a legacy for their loved ones. All elder law plans include estate planning, but not all estate plans deal with elder law. Although some of the documents may be the same or similar, the differences can be significant.

Elder Law Includes A Consideration Of:

  • Medicare and Medicaid, including Medicaid divorce
  • Medical planning
  • Supplemental insurance benefits
  • Retirement planning
  • Assisted living and nursing homes
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Disability planning
  • Grandchildren
  • Veterans benefits
  • Social Security
  • A variety of other unique issues that face senior citizens later in life

Elder Law Vs. Elder Care

We are often asked whether there is a difference between elder law and elder care. Technically, elder law deals with the legal aspects of estate planning. Elder care is more descriptive of the nonlegal aspects of taking care of people as they age. Because the functions of an ELDER LAW ATTORNEY frequently go beyond just legal matters, we are often referred to as ELDER CARE ATTORNEYS. In fact, clients frequently tell us that they found us on the internet by doing a search for an ELDER CARE ATTORNEY.

Our senior (over age 65) and super-senior citizen (over 85) clients are almost always concerned with three seemingly incompatible objectives: (1) How to pay for nursing home care if they are unable to continue living at home. (2) How to preserve their hard-earned savings so that if one spouse must enter a nursing home, the spouse who remains in the community is left with enough assets and income to live comfortably. (3) A desire to leave a legacy to their children and grandchildren.

At the law office of Rudolph & Bloodgood, LLC, in Riverdale, New Jersey, we know how complicated these issues can be. Attorney Michael Rudolph is or was actively involved in the lives of his father, mother and mother-in-law. His father lived three months past his 98th birthday. His mother-in-law lived almost to 95, while his mother is still alive at age 102. As a result, he has a keen insight into the importance of having a solid plan in place and being proactive rather than reactive.

Attorney Robert Bloodgood was not only involved with his parents and other family members, but assisted two of his elderly neighbors who lived well into their 90s. Robert understood the importance of having a secure plan in place for the future.

Referrals To Other Professionals

We provide advice on the issues that concern our clients. Sometimes, we may consult with your financial planner, accountant or insurance producer. Sometimes, our clients need assistance with nonlegal issues. Although we may have more than a casual knowledge about such issues, we know when to make referrals to professionals who we know are trained about and experienced in dealing with specific issues and who will, if necessary, work with us to solve problems facing our clients and their families. If you need a referral to one or more of these professionals, we have developed a network of individuals in whom we have confidence, and we can put you in touch with them.

Preparing For The Future

Some people find the concept of elder law issues so confusing and intimidating that they choose the “ostrich approach” and stick their heads in the sand, hoping the problems will just go away. We understand that. When a client comes to us, whether it is with a simple question or a complex problem, we can give advice on a wide variety of subjects, and we will build a customized plan geared for sound long-term care and asset-estate protection.

We put our recommendations in writing so that you will always have a document to refer to whenever you have questions, although you can always call us with questions, too. Our practice includes complete Medicaid planning and traditional estate planning for all generations. We don’t stop being your lawyers after you sign the documents we prepare for you. We have been attorneys for several decades and have helped thousands of clients over the years. Some of our clients date back to the 1960s and early 1970s. Many of them consider us to be their friends as well as their lawyers. We also know that no two cases are exactly alike. Our lawyers will take the time to learn your goals and develop a strategy specifically designed to meet your needs.

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