Preparing for the future with tailored, focused estate planning

Aug 7, 2019 | Estate Planning | 0 comments

A unique and dynamic process.

That is essentially how we define estate planning at the law firm of Rudolph & Bloodgood. Our deep legal team in Riverdale has been delivering tailored and comprehensive work product for diverse and valued New Jersey clients for decades. We deeply appreciate that sound planning is fundamentally different in every case.

Really, that is just a truism. Some planners are young married couples just starting families and centrally concerned with taking care of young children. Others are older people embarked on second marriages and with adult children from previous unions. Some families are concerned with special needs for a loved one. Others want to see inheritances or family businesses protected through trusts. Select planners are strongly focused on lawful tax avoidance, while others put a premium on privacy.

Candidly, there are as many estate plans as there are planners. That reality instantly reveals a “one size fits all” planning strategy as fallacy while underscoring the imperative of tailored and periodically updated planning in all instances.

Proven estate planning attorneys deeply appreciate that, routinely applying industry acumen and experience toward solutions that maximally promote the specific needs and stated goals of every client.

We duly stress on our website that, “Estate planning is an art, not a science.” Effective planning works in a tightly integrated way, with various documents and instruments being drafted that work together in advancing the interests of an individual or family.

People are often surprised to learn that sound and forward-looking estate planning often pertains to much more than simple will execution, and that the process can fundamentally benefit virtually every demographic.

Rudolph & Bloodgood welcomes readers to our blog. We invite contacts to the firm regarding any aspect of estate planning and hope you find future posts to be routinely informative and personally relevant.